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Bonded introduction of China's first cross-border electricity supplier company OTO baby
Author:   Source:宁波日报开发导刊  Published:2015-05-05  Click:2775  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

    (Reporter correspondent Zhou Hongmei Xuhan Ping Ms Lau) Recently, the largest import honey bud baby mother Deals Mall announced the nation's largest chain of children's education - Beijing Yellow Blue Children's Educational Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly set up a joint venture. The new company will be located in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone, which is also the first cross-border electricity supplier OTO mother company. After the joint venture, honey baby bud cross-border purchases of goods will appear in nearly 2,000 stores in the red, yellow and blue garden on display, the user can directly through mobile phones under a single code sweep honey bud baby cross-border purchase in stores in mother infant products, at the same time, users can also shoot in the honey baby Deals website and mobile APP, buy red, yellow, blue, early childhood services.
Since honey bud baby Bonded settled last July, to carry out their cross-border shopping business too fast. It is reported that the first quarter of this year, Ningbo in the cross-border electricity suppliers pilot cities in the country continues to lead, and honey baby bud in Ningbo City, more than 200 cross-border electricity suppliers pilot enterprises doing well. Since the year to April 30, honey bud baby goods inspection 592 batches of goods worth $ 44.85 million, 559,000 single release a single volume, release the amount of 161.67 million yuan, consumption of electricity supplier number 212,815 people, ranking first in the city.

    Honey baby bud founder and CEO Liu Nan introduced honey bud baby with red, yellow and blue this cross-border cooperation, the maternal electricity supplier for the first time the scale of the target population to get involved in the line baby, early education is the traditional chain for the first time using the "Internet + "mode depth development of existing user resources.

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