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Wang Wen Yong, deputy director of the China Zhongwang Group study spot trading platform Shanghai operations center
Author:   Source:Engineering Bureau  Published:2015-05-20  Click:2985  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    May 14 to 15, the CMC vice chairman Wang Wen Yong examines China Zhongwang Group spot trading platform project - Shanghai operations center. China Zhongwang Group General Manager Domestic Trade Department Lu Yang Bin introduced spot trading platform project - Shanghai Operations Center recently preparations for the two sides to cooperate on matters related to in-depth discussions and exchanges. Wang Wen Yong said Zhongwang Group as the world's second largest and Asia's largest industrial aluminum extrusion products developer and manufacturer, dealer, with a strong customer advantage, financial advantage, manufacturing R & D strengths, Ningbo Free Trade Zone is a prominent location advantages, policy advantages and government service advantages, bilateral cooperation in space is very large, I hope the future of cross-border cooperation in the electricity business, import and export trade, real manufacturing R & D and other areas to achieve mutual benefits. Lu Yang Bin expressed hope to combine the advantages of Zhongwang Group's own strengths and Ningbo Free Trade Zone, the integration of the national industry resources, as well as foreign resources to achieve better and faster development.
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