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NFTZ Issued Administrative Proposal on Internet Promotion
Author:   Source:NFTZ  Published:2015-11-05  Click:2320  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    NFTZ Market Supervision Bureau issued NFTZ Administrative Proposal on Internet Promotion, which provided 10 instructive proposal on e-commerce enterprises in the zone:
1、 Obey rules and laws like Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumer and Food Safety Law.
2、 Certificate should be shown on-line.
3、 Contract terms and form should be fair and reasonable.
4、 Advertisement should be true and accurate.
5、 Bad practices include infringement of trade mark and business reputation as well as steal business secrets should be avoided.
6、 Selling products bellows costs in order compete with components should be avoided.
7、 No proper practice in promotion
8、 Promotion gifts should be provided with Three Quality Guarantees.
9、 Promise of promotion should be true.
10、 Return purchase within 7 days should be treated as obligation with no delay and unreasonable deny.  
    In the meanwhile, NFTZ Market Supervision Bureau would supervise practices of e-commerce enterprises on return purchase.   
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