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2016 Culture Fair The Signing Ceremony of 5 NFTZ Projects
Author:   Source:NFTZ  Published:2016-04-16  Click:2411  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    On April 15th, 5 NFTZ projects were signed in 2016 China (Ningbo) Special Culture Industrial Fair.
    Fi-stone NFTZ Base
    The first phase investment will be RMB50 million Yuan, with in this year, the investment will reach RMB300 million Yuan and exceed RMB2 billion Yuan within 5 years. The project will mainly develop internet + culture, internet + sports, internet + finance + culture and etc.  
    NFTZ HECHUANG International Culture Trade Service Platform
    The project will invest RMB80 million Yuan in setting up NFTZ HECHUANG International Culture Trade Service Platform.
    China New Building Strategic Cooperation Project
    The project will promote infrastructure construction in NFTZ, develop special culture and sports industry, set up culture trade logistics center, international culture and art communication center, art and sports trade base and experience center; establish new style environmental protective construction material production and trade base, set up a national on line supermarket of construction material and an O2O experience enter of intelligent construction material.
    Shanghai Digital Content Industrial Promotion Center Strategic Cooperation Project
    The project will build “Shanghai Digital Content Industrial Promotion Center Zhejiang Branch”, and carry out deep cooperation in the terms of industrial upgrading, project promotion, talented personnel introduction, integration and etc.
    Hua Chang Movie and TV Media Investment
    The project will establish 4 bases including “Movie Special Effects Base”, “VR Shoot & Making Base”, “Animation Design and Making Base”, and “After Effects Training Base” to build a complete industrial chain of screen after effects.
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