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Aerospace Science and Technology City Construction co., LTD Unveiled
Author:   Source:NFTZ  Published:2016-06-22  Click:1973  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

   The Aerospace Science and Technology City Construction Co. Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Ningbo Xiangbao Cooperation Zone on the afternoon of June 21st. Mr. Yu Weinian, Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman and Mr. Yubin, assistant general manager of the China Aerospace Science and technology group attended the ceremony and delivered speech. Mr. Zhang Jixing, president of Administrative Committee and secretary of Party Working Committee of NFTZ, Mr. Yan Rongjie, director of cooperation zone management committee, Mr. Yu Xiguo, Chairman and Secretary of the Party committee general manager of China Aerospace Construction Group and relevant officials and leading guests attended the ceremony.
    It is understood that the Ningbo Aerospace Science and Technology City project is jointly constructed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group and the Ningbo municipal government. It is located in Xiangbao Cooperation Zone, Xiangshan, with a planning area of 28 square kilometers, implemented by the platform company of Aerospace Science and Technology City Construction Co., ltd., which is cosponsored by Aerospace Institute by the the aerospace science and Technology Group) and Xiangbao cooperation zone. Wisdom of the space of Ningbo Science and technology city will be built into an important national aerospace wisdom science and Technology City, national military and civilian fusion Innovation Demonstration Zone, wisdom Park China model and Ningbo City production city fusion demonstration area, focusing on cultivating construction aerospace industrial base, innovation and R & D base, vocational and technical training base, space science base, aerospace, Yungang service center "four bases and one center".
    The city is expected to build into a national major city of aerospace science and technology, military and civilian integration innovation of science and technology demonstration area, wisdom park model and industry combined with city fusion production demonstration area of Ningbo. "Four base with one center", namely, aerospace industry base, innovative research and development base, vocational training base, popular space science base and space cloud network service center will be of its key cultivation.

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