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Ningbo Imported Commodity Center
Author: 宣教科  Source:NFTZ  Published:2016-11-10  Click:1877  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

NFTZ has been developing Ningbo Imported Commodity Center recently years fully taking advantages of its special functional policies,efficient government service and kinds of innovation pilot programs.

Ningbo Imported Commodity Center has a comprehensive functioan of exhibition,business office,warehousing and logistics,training and cultural exchange.It comprises of two different districts, one is located in NFTZ,which is called NFTZ Imported Commodity Trade Market(120,000 square meters)and the other is located in the downtown Ningbo,which is called Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition & Trade Center (150,000 square meters).The two districts are developing complementary and cooperatively with more than 1,100 trade companies doing business.

Ningbo Imported Commodity Center has been one of a largest imported commodity markets with a trade volume of RMB 6.24 billon, among which,RMB 2.6 billon is from online business.

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