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Import Volume of NFTZ Cross Border E-commerce Trade Exceeded RMB 10billion Yuan
Author:   Source:NFTZ  Published:2017-08-31  Click:903  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

    Since the trial operation of import cross border e-commerce trade of NFTZ in Nov. 2013, the trade volume has achieved a great breakthrough. Statistics showed by the Customs said that by the time of 3pm of Aug 31st, the Customs has accumulatively approved 52.81 million applications. The trade volume exceeded RMB10 billion yuan, accounting for 79.3%of that of Ningbo City, ranking in the front of all the trial cities.

    NFTZ is one of the first batch of trial cities that carried out cross border e-commerce trade. Up to now, the world famous e-commerce trade platforms including Amazon, COSCO, Alibaba  T-mall International, Jingdong Mall, Kaola, Miya,and etc.has set up their sales base in NFTZ. At the same time, NFTZ has cultivated some new e-commerce companies including Zhengzheng, Tao Tao Yang which have been listed on New Three Boards of the stock market.

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