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NFTZ made great achievement in Ningbo (Beijing) Investment Cooperation Meeting
Author:   Source:NFTZ  Published:2017-12-20  Click:609  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

The signing ceremony of Ningbo(Beijing) Investment Cooperation Meeting was opened on Dec.20th afternoon in Beijing. The major project contracts were signed in the ceremony. Mr. Li Guanding, the Deputy Mayor of Ningbo, and Mr. Wei Yiyan, the Deputy CEO of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, signed on the contracts about the cooperation project of National Cloud Manufacture Basement for both sides.

Mrs. Xia Qun, the Deputy Chairman of NFTZ and Mr. Yu Bin, the Deputy Chairman of NFTZ signed on the cooperation contract with COSCO about Port Navigation Service Center for Belt & Road. Projects contracts about Aerospace Cloud Net Company and Shenzhen Aerospace Technology Institution were also signed in the ceremony.

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