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Ningbo Optoelectronics Products Test Center Started Operation
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    The first optoelectronics products test laboratory in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo Optoelectronics Products test center, started operation in Ningbo Export Processing Zone recently. This public service technical platform will become an import technical guarantee for Ningbo to become a world level optoelectronics industrial base.
  Optoelectronics industry is a key industry in Ningbo City and Zhejiang Province. Last year, the production value of Ningbo TFT-LCD industry reached RMB30 billion. According to plan, after 10 years, Ningbo will become a world level optoelectronics industrial base, with annual production value exceeding RMB 250 billion. Optoelectronics industrial belongs to high-tech projects, whose final products are mainly for export, and delivery is very strict. At present, the international purchaser will ask for a third party test organization to issue a quality test report, which is a condition of payment. A laboratory with advanced test center is an essential technical guarantee for a world level optoelectronics industrial base.
  Ningbo Optoelectronics Products Test Center is co-invested by Ningbo Entry & Exit Quarantine Bureau, with total investment of RMB30 million. It is a non-profit service organization. The center will provide services including raw material inspection, parts and components test, machine finalization examination, reliability test and so on to manufacturers in Ningbo and East China region. The testing products include visual products, information technical products, household electric appliances, consumer relaxation electronic products, and etc.
  The establishment of the test center will upgrade the overall R&D ability of Ningbo optoelectronics industry, meet the need of application of new technology and development of new products; on the other hand, it will help the Ningbo optoelectronics industry to raise quality control ability, overcome trade technical barrier, shorten delivery time, and thus guarantee the export.


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