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Ningbo Is to Build a World-class LCD Optoelectronics Base
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    Ningbo has made a breakthrough in its attempt to build a world-class LCD photoelectric production base. According to news from Ningbo Export Processing Zone, the 2nd phase project of CHIMEI Electronics was officially approved by National Development and Reform Commission. In the 2nd phase, an investment of 450 million US dollars will be added to the 1st phase project of 90 million dollars.
    Persons related say that the expansion of CHIMEI will speed up the development of the LCD photoelectric industry of Ningbo. It will not only improve the industrial structure of the city, transform the economic growth mode, but also bring forth great impact to the LCD photoelectric industry of the country. 
    After the 2nd phase project is completed and put into production, CHIMEI will be able to produce additional 20.69million pieces of LCD monitor modules (12 inches and 26 inches) and 3.85million pieces of LCD TV applications modules (32 inches and 37 inches) annually by this expansion. Totally, the 1st and the 2nd phrase projects can produce 40 million pieces of varied kinds of LCD modules which makes CHIMEI the largest producer of the country.
    Previously, CHIMEI has invested 90 million USD in Ningbo Export Processing Zone. The 1st phrase project was completed in 2005 with annual production of 500,000 pieces and sales value of 75 million USD. Last year, CHIMEI produced 8.3 million pieces of varied kinds of LCD modules with the production value of 5.3 billion USD.
    The investor of Ningbo CHIMEI


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