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Bonded "Green" municipal famous brand added a new strength
Author:   Source:Personnel  Published:2014-12-26  Click:2506  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print

Recently, the Youth League official recognition of a number of new finds municipal "green" award-winning collective and individual famous brand, marketing services team from the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd. Market Ningbo awarded the 2013 annual "Youth Civilization" honorary title, bonded enterprises Lee-day work into the pump (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Ju get good water year 2014 "Youth skilled positions," the title of enterprises in the bonded Ningbo Lan Ling Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 1580 Length Machine the 2014 annual Ningbo City, "youth safety demonstration Kong" title.

    In recent years, bonded at various levels in youth civilization, youth job experts and other "green" famous brand building activities, adhere to the "trumpeter" linkage, through job Jiangong, skills contest activities, and actively mobilize the masses of young workers based on job, courageously first to promote the improvement of the overall quality of young workers, the emergence of a large number of good moral character, superb skills and innovation of outstanding young talent and youth group. This being named in recognition of personal and collective, is advanced on behalf of the majority of young workers in the region, they love their jobs, in the ordinary post made extraordinary achievements, embodies the "hard work load, to dare," the Free Trade Zone spirit.

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