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Bonded first independently produced cartoon "fruit force Kid" will be broadcast on TV channels
Author:   Source:Trade Cooperation Bureau  Published:2015-01-29  Click:2736  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    By the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Business Ningbo Jin Wei Culture Media Co. produced 68 episode cartoon "fruit Force brat," recently by the provincial bureau, the trial piece and made the issue a license in 2015 winter gear in Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Cartoon Network, Beijing a number of television TV Kaku Children's Channel and other players. This is our region's first independent productions and TV channels broadcast the cartoon. In addition, this cartoon through after translation production, but also as a cultural product exported to other countries or regions.
    The film in December 2013 to begin preparations, in October 2014 completed and reported to the provincial bureau, made entirely be reviewed film. The main town of the three children about food, fruit children, Tao Tao, the United States and the United States, they are kind of cute, favorite food, in order to become first chefs, three children devote themselves to learning cooking techniques, in order to defend the honor of the town of fruit and food, and Dark cooking story of the battle of Queenstown. The film humor, but also contains a lot of small culinary knowledge, very suitable for 6-12 year-old children watch, and be able to inspire their ability to cultivate their interest in cooking.
    In recent years, Ningbo Free Trade Zone set up special funds to support cultural and creative industries, has introduced, including Ningbo Jin Wei Culture Media Co., Ltd. including a number of cultural and creative enterprises, and the animation industry as a key development object, or CCTV provincial television broadcast of original animation works to give some incentives. "If force Kid" as Ningbo Free Trade Zone's first independently produced original animation, not only in our region to introduce and promote the outstanding achievements of cultural and creative industries, but also laid a solid foundation for other cultural and creative enterprises in our district.
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