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Ningbo "Sunshine sea Amoy" Birth of one million consumers
Author:   Source:Ningbo Daily  Published:2015-02-09  Click:2755  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    February 5 afternoon in Hangzhou City apartment of Ms. Zhu new greenway cross-border trade in Ningbo business platform bought 1 jar imported from Germany, the United States love him milk. Let Ms. Zhu think of is that she is cross-border trade since the electricity supplier Ningbo commissioning 100 million consumers, the single commodity businesses will be purchased on the day of her free one.
    Since November 27, 2013 test run, end of last month, Ningbo cross-border trade electricity supplier approved pilot enterprises has reached 158, of which 152 commercial enterprises, warehousing companies 2, 4 courier companies, the cumulative approval import declaration 1,747,000 votes, the value of 450 million yuan, the record commodity customs approval of more than 9000 kinds, actually more than 5900 kinds of goods on sale, the indicators rank first in the pilot cities. (Reporter Yu Yong average)
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