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Yu Wei, Mitsubishi Steel Co., Ltd. Ono received the president and his party
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    March 20 afternoon, the CMC director, Party committee secretary Yu Wei, received the visit of Japan's Mitsubishi Steel Ono president and his party.
    Ono president introduced next Spring Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ling steel this year's objectives and tasks as well as the further development of the company plan. Yu Wei, director of the Free Trade Zone of the relevant circumstances, and on the future development of Ningbo Ling steel springs companies to develop relevant recommendations and expectations. Ono president said that in future the company will take the initiative to adapt to the new situation of China's economic development, continue to strengthen innovation, tap the potential of the company, efforts to expand the business market, increase market share, strive to make greater contributions to the development of the bonded area.
    Deputy director Wang Wen Yong, accompanied by the reception.
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