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Bonded held key foreign trade enterprises forum
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    March 12 afternoon, the Free Trade Zone held a forum on key foreign trade enterprises from the region's 13 key foreign trade business representatives attended the meeting. CMC vice chairman, Lu Zhimeng Party Working Committee presided over the meeting, the District Economic Development Bureau, Finance Bureau official participants.
    At the meeting, focusing on the person in charge of foreign trade enterprises in-depth exchange of business situation presented difficulties and challenges, and the 2015 annual foreign trade situation analysis and forecasting. Fully heard a statement after all enterprises, Lu Zhimeng first foreign trade enterprises for the steady growth of our region's contribution thanked, also said that in the current weak international demand, commodity prices are grave situation, hope enterprises to steady growth, promote transformation, strong internal strength, legitimate business in four areas of work, this year will continue to maintain a good momentum of development, continue to expand the business scale in Ningbo Free Trade Zone, the bonded area for the steady growth of foreign trade and make new contributions.
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