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National Higher Education Student Information and Career Center, deputy Ren Shipeng built to Bonded research
Author:   Source:Personnel  Published:2015-03-12  Click:2782  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    March 10 afternoon, the National Higher Education Student Information and Career Center, deputy 任石鹏 Jian, Director of Department of Education student at Zhejiang Ding Song and his party of nine people right in Ningbo Free Trade Zone research employment of college graduates, deputy director of the Employment Bureau of Ningbo City Chen Hongwei, deputy party secretary of Ningbo University, Cheng Meng shape, vice minister of the Organization Department of Ningbo Free Trade Zone, deputy director of Personnel and Labor and Social Security Bureau 杨曙龙, accompanied by research.
    Shi Peng Jian briefed in detail about the industrial development of the Ningbo Free Trade Zone, as well as employment of college graduates next 3--5 years of college graduates demand presentation and briefed on cross-border electricity supplier Ningbo Bonded Zone pilot related work.
    His research group also visited Ningbo Innolux Ltd and 宁波威瑞泰 silent game of Multiphase Flow Equipment Co., Ltd.. In Innolux, the research group to learn more about business and employment conditions, site Ningbo University and Innolux production reached a preliminary cooperation intention to learn in the next few years, the co-culture of nearly 100 mechanical, electrical and electronics class professionals, corporate restructuring and upgrading "machine Substitution" provides strong security personnel. VeriSign Taymor race in the laboratory, general manager of the company, "thousands of plans," Dr. Wang Jianrong, Zhejiang candidates to the research group introduced the company's development, the commitment to the national "863" scientific and technological progress in the case of major projects, personnel and team culture conditions prospects for the coming years.
    In recent years, the development of the service area of ​​industrial transformation and upgrading, bonded personnel department in the "public service platform, personalized service market" to guide the work of thinking, met with Universities Student Information and Career Center, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces to build Graduates large AC docking activities; by building cross-border electricity supplier base concentration of talent, urban levels Students trainee (practice) base, attract Ningbo University Wanli University and other colleges and majors electricity supplier to area business incubator, employment practices; build Market Square and other human resource platform, gathering and nurturing 74 human resource services for the enterprises to provide market-oriented introduction of talent, nurture and services; invest 750 million yuan to build 1346 apartments and buy talent sets of 30 sets of public rental talents, from 2014 October started the implementation, more effective protection of undergraduate housing needs and talents. Through the above initiatives, efforts to create a college graduates, "attracted into, stay put to good use" environment.
    Currently, the region gather all kinds of personnel 6.8 million, of which 1.2 million college graduates with a master's degree, intermediate grade personnel 1127 people. Holds a PhD, senior personnel 241 people, a total of 25 post-doctoral stint. Overseas entrepreneurs 230 people, including selected countries "thousands of plans," 2, Zhejiang Province, "thousands of plans," 2, Ningbo City, "3315" talent 4 people, selected engineers overseas Ningbo seven people, seven foreign experts.
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