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Bonded convene a quarterly economic situation analysis
Author:   Source:Tube commissioned  Published:2015-04-29  Click:2862  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    April 29 morning, the Free Trade Zone held a quarter of the region's economic situation analysis, the CMC director, Party committee secretary Yu Wei presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. Party Working Committee, the CMC leadership and various departments and units responsible for people attended the meeting.
    Economic Development Board reported economic performance in the first quarter, the Financial Bureau reported first quarter financial and tax situation, investment sector in the first quarter were reported completion of their key tasks and initiatives to the next step. Commission leaders and other department heads were made a statement.
    Yu Wei, in his speech, pointed out that the first four months of this year, various departments and units in accordance with the beginning of the Commission's main tasks clear around the Commission in the assessment issued by the mission objectives, efforts to promote regional economic steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation , the center, the focus of the work in an orderly way, the regional economy has maintained steady development. But control of the annual target progress, there is a big gap, control the city, "double bottom line" management requirements, the district developed a lot of pressure, therefore, on the whole, our region is facing severe economic situation. Analyze the reasons, there are three levels of factors, one is still in the down range of macroeconomic, steady economic growth in our region pressure; the second is incentives to clean up standard microeconomic policy uncertainty, resulting in difficulty grasping the incremental increase investment; Third some cadres is not full of passion, the focus advance fast enough.
    Yu Wei, requirements, fully understand the situation, face difficulties and problems encountered in the current development, firmly grasp the focus of efforts to promote fiscal revenue and foreign trade steady growth, and strive to achieve the regional economy, "half red." First, we must speed up the rationalization industry support policies, and vigorously promote investment incentives. The second is to focus on grasping investment cited tax, citing trade, focusing on large projects, large trade enterprises, promoting the project ground to talk about. Third, we must go all out to run Net Fair and Exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe are two important annual exhibition. The fourth is to strengthen the land, factories, warehouses, and other elements of capital resources and support, the service is good business development.
    Yu Wei, also will accelerate reform and innovation, we put forward a six-point requirements for the sustained and healthy economic development has injected momentum vitality: a need to accelerate the comprehensive deepening reform work; the second should be placed on "Thirteen Five" plan to plan; Third, we must strive to promote the comprehensive security declare the work area; four to strengthen supervision of major projects to promote the situation; Fifth, we must strengthen safety education and supervision; Sixth, we should further strengthen the work style of cadres.
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