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Ningbo Free Trade Zone, the cross-border electricity supplier sales exceeded 700 million yuan
Author:   Source:Bonded Customs  Published:2015-04-03  Click:2727  Text Display:Large Medium Small Print
    As at 14:00 on March 26, Ningbo Customs approved by the cumulative cross-border e-commerce trade import declaration 2.66 million votes, the value of breakthrough 700 million yuan, a total of 128 million consumers from across the country through cross-border consumer platform, test put the number of packages sent over 2.6 million, the business data to new highs. Currently on cross-border sales of goods in addition to the main platform of maternal and child products (diapers, milk powder), there food and beverage, small kitchen appliances, health products and cosmetics toiletries, etc., more and more consumers favor.
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