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Brief Introduction
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Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Ningbo Export Processing Zone, and Ningbo Bonded Logistics Zone lies on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of the coastline of Chinas Mainland, at the south of Yangtze River Delta. It is adjacent to the international metropolitan city, Shanghai. Located at the east of Ningbo, with Ningbo Beilun Port, the second largest port in Chinas Mainland as the neighbor, the area has a complete transportation network composed of expressway, railway, and sea wharf. 
    Since the beginning of 21st century, NFTZ has been implementing the strategy of "To prosper the area with industries, and to strengthen the area with science and technology", thus, advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry has been developed in NFTZ. At present, 3 functional industries including international trade, advanced manufacturing, warehousing and logistics has been developed in well coordination. NFTZ has become the manufacturing base for advanced production, international trade path, and center of modern logistics of Ningbo City and Zhejiang Province.

    NFTZ has attracted many investors from home and abroad with its unique functions, position, and policy advantage. Up to now, more than 6600 companies from about 60 countries has invested in NFTZ, which has become an important window opening to the outside world for Ningbo City and Zhejiang Province.
    Ningbo Free Trade Zone is one of the 15 free trade zones authorized by the State Council of China, and is the only free trade zone in Zhejiang Province. Covering the area of 2.3 square kilometers, the zone consists of East Area, West Area, and South Area. 
    Ningbo Export Processing zone is one of the second batch of export processing zones authorized by the State Council of China. Joined with South Area of Ningbo Free Trade Zone, the Zone covers the area of 3 square kilometers.

    Ningbo Bonded Logistics Zone is one of the first 8 trial areas authorized by the State Council of China to carry out integrated operation between the free trade zone and the port. Located at the back of the 4th phase wharf of Ningbo Port, the zone covers the area of 0.95 square kilometer. 

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