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As an important area opening to the outside world, Chinese Government authorized NFTZ, NEPZ, and NBLZ special policies and functions. According to international practice, NFTZ enjoys special policies of "exempted from licenses, exempted from duties, and bonded duties" under special Customs custody.

    Exempted from licenses: goods in the zone are exempted from licenses and import & export quotas.
    Exempted from duties: equipments for the NFTZ companies own use and goods are exempted from import duties and import related VAT.
    Bonded duties: raw materials, parts and components, packaging materials, and consumption materials for warehousing as well as manufacturing are duties bonded.
    Export VAT refund as soon as the goods are in the zone: when goods enter Ningbo Export Processing Zone and Ningbo Bonded Logistics Zone, it is considered export goods. Enterprises in the two zones can apply for export VAT refund as soon as the goods enter the two zones.

    NFTZ functions: international trade, import and export processing, goods exhibition;
    NEPZ functions: export processing;
    NBLZ functions: international transit, international distribution, international purchase, and international entrepot trade.


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