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Boosting High-tech Industry

    NFTZ develops high-tech industry with 3 main industries including TFT-LCD, IC, and Computer as the feature.
    TFT-LCD industry:
     In 2007, the industrial output of NFTZ reached RMB33 billion yuan. It is expected that in the future 3 years, the annual output can breakthrough RMB100 billion yuan.
IC industry:
    NFTZ has the biggest mono-crystal silicon production base with Lili Electronics as the head. A complete IC industrial chain has formed including silicon grow, wafer fab, IC design, manufacturing, packaging, and test.
Computer industry:
     with Gigabyte as the head, NFTZ has more than 60 companies engaging in computer manufacturing. A complete computer production chain has formed including electronics parts and components, main boards, and PC assembly. Thus NFTZ has become a processing base for many famous computer brands in the world.

A international trade path leading to the whole world

     International trade is one of the main functions in NFTZ. At present, there have been more that 2000 companies dealing in international trade with more than 100 countries and regions. 2 professional import bonded market has been established including chemicals and steel products with 260 member companies whose business radiates to mostly East China region. In 2007, the market trade volume amounted to RMB10 billion yuan.

A boosting modern logistics center

     NFTZ actively push the integrative operation between port and NFTZ. Logistics function has been boosted with warehousing and logistics companies of over 30, goods value in and out of warehouses reached USD4.16 billion in 2007. NFTZ has become an important modern logistics platform in Ningbo.

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