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Q&A on NEPZ Policies
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1) Preferential Policies of NEPZ
Import tax exemption:
Imported equipment, spare parts, building materials, and office appliances for enterprises´ own use can be exempted from customs duty and imports related VAT.
In-zone tax refund:
Merchandises of out-zone enterprises within China´ s territory shall enjoy the refunding of VAT when admitted into NEPZ. Raw materials, equipment, spare parts, wrappages, reasonable amount of building materials and VAT resulting from consumption can be refunded.
Bonded materials:
In-zone admitted raw materials, spare parts, wrap page, and consumables for the purpose of export processing are bonded.
Re-export exemption:
Re-exports are exempted from customs duties.
Zone-zone transfer exemption :
For zone-zone transfer, merchandises, spare parts, raw materials, equipments are exempted from customs duties.
Foreign exchange:
Foreign exchange under the trading item is not subject to verification.
Quota and license:
 Merchandises can flow without limitation between the Zone and abroad. Unless otherwise stipulated, no quota and license restriction is enforced.
Corporate income tax: tax rate for foreign funded manufacturing companies is 15%. As for enterprises with operation period exceeding 10 years, starting from the first profit-making year, 100% tax remittal for the first 2 years and 50% tax relief for the subsequent 3 years are applicable. After the tax holidays, hi-tech and export-oriented enterprises can continue to enjoy the related tax rebate.
Export-processing are exempted from VAT.
Special subsidy on land, workshop and dormitories are afforded in light of factors of investment scale, technology content, and so forth.
Other policies governing Free Trade Zone, including financial support, taxation, foreign exchange, are applicable in NEPZ.
The Administrative Committee administers all affairs in NFTZ, complying with the international common practice. It provides one stop service for its enterprises for the benefit of investors and taxpayers. NFTZ Customs Office is independent in dealing with all customs affairs in NFTZ. Other organizations including foreign exchange administration bureau, tax bureau, banks, insurance companies, and service agencies are in one building, providing efficient one stop service for customers.
NFTZ is dedicated to creating first class business environment for investors from both at home and abroad. NFTZ provides a strategic platform of cooperation and development with world economy. We are looking forward to investors seizing the business opportunities and creating a bright future.

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