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Centralized Declaration covering in-zone processing and trade enterpri... [2010-06-04]
Number of newly-approved investments overseas increased a lot [2010-05-04]
Imported wine expands into Chinese market [2010-04-09]
Fruits from ASEAN Come to Ningbo [2010-03-08]
GDP per capita of Ningbo reaches 8653 USD [2010-02-22]
NFTZ Held New Year´s Gathering [2010-01-18]
A Requirement of Personnel Will seek an Amount of 28,000 in NFTZ [2010-01-08]
A Breakthrough--NFTZ Imported More Than 600,000 Liters of Wine Last Ye... [2010-01-07]
Professional Imported Wines Market Shows a Positive Situation [2009-10-27]
Inzone enterprises harvests on Canton Fair [2009-10-23]
The region faces strong rebound in industrial economy [2009-10-12]
CEN Export Volume Increased Despite of the Bad Economic Situation [2009-09-16]
Ningbo Ranks the 5th of the Best Commercial Cities in China [2009-09-09]
Foreign Trade Companies in NFTZ Exhibited in Singapore [2009-09-04]
A Continous Growth in Imported Cargo to NFTZ for Seven Monthes [2009-08-20]
A Rapid Growth in Fruit Imports to the Fruit Market in Ganglong Compan... [2009-08-18]
NFTZ Lijing Electronic Company Donated Brand New Education Equipments ... [2009-08-04]
LCD Panel Export Increases in Ningbo Port [2009-07-20]
Ranking of top ten trading partner of Ningbo Port [2009-07-16]
Transformation and Upgrading: Warehousing and Logistics Industries in ... [2009-07-10]
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