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Sellers Union Group was Awarded as Ningbo Municipal Advantageous Headq... [2014-01-14]
NFTZ Imported Commodities Market Ninghai Direct Selling Center was Ope... [2014-01-09]
The Mobilization Meeting of the Construction [2013-12-27]
The opening ceremony of Administrative Committee [2013-12-23]
Surge in Agricultural Product Exports from NFTZ in November [2013-12-18]
Importation of New Type Food Exceed 3 million USD through NFTZ from Ja... [2013-10-30]
NFTZ Organized Groups to participate Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Coopera... [2013-10-19]
NFTZ Carried out One-For-One Flood Relief Work for Yuyao [2013-10-16]
Export distribution greatly increased in NEPZ [2013-09-16]
Two major metal trading companies invested in NFTZ [2013-09-10]
Bonded Logistics Business Grew Rapidly in NEPZ from Jan. to July [2013-08-12]
NFTZ Keeps a Rapid Increase of Newly-built Container Export from Jan. ... [2013-08-08]
Sino-Coalition Small Loan Company Acts as Gas Station for Small, Mediu... [2013-08-02]
The decline trend of the wine import was reversed in June [2013-07-19]
2 enterprises of NFTZ were selected as the leading foreign trade enter... [2013-07-10]
The export of new containers increased rapidly in the past 6 months [2013-07-02]
Two large international trade companies newly settled in NFTZ [2013-06-19]
Ningbo Free Trade Zone Import Commodities Market (phase II) Opened [2013-06-09]
Ningbo Exhibition and Trade Center of Import Goods Opened [2013-06-08]
First Insurance Agent Register in NFTZ [2013-05-27]
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